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Coming Feburary 2018

The best performing
inline puck, period.

Less Bouncing. Less Rolling. Less Puck on Edge.  
More dangle, snipe, and celly.

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It's time you stop blaming your stick for everything and get a better puck

Patented GyroScope Technology

spinning internal GyroScope stabilizes the puck so it lays flat.   Your saucer pass will take off, fly, and land flat to get the perfect one timer.

Patented Inertia Pins 

Inertia pins inside the Gyroscope absorb impact and help kill unwanted energy within the puck. Make your soft hands silky soft by catching every pass.

Glide pins &  housing 

constructed of tough HybRid nylon our pucks ARE more durable than other pucks on the market.  Go ahead and let your clappers fly.

Build using the Unbounce Landing Page Platform
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